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As in water face reflects face, so a (wo)man’s heart REVEALS the wo(man)…Pr. 27:19

Reflecting Your Image Online April 24, 2007

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Hey ladies!

Check out this thought-provoking video. This will make you think twice about what you post on MySpace.


What did you think about Wednesday night? February 23, 2007

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So Wednesday night at Vertical, the Anti-Venom Tour came with a message about teen sex.  One of the coolest things I learned was about automobiles. Did anyone else find that interesting?  In case you weren’t there, let me fill you in…

 I know this is a very manly example, so maybe I’ll try to come up with a girly one that’s similar.  But here’s the car one:

I KNOW you all have seen this logo before:


Why have you seen it?  Because we see advertisements for Ford every day. T.V. commercials. Billboards. Magazines. Plus, you see a lot of Fords being driven everyday.  Sure, YOU may not be able to afford a Ford at the moment, but most average Americans could own a Ford car, especially used Fords.


Now, do you know what auto maker this symbol belongs to?


Probably not, because you just don’t see these driving around very much.  This is from Rolls Royce.  A 2006 Rolls Royce has a retail value of $328,750 (that’s a monthly payment of $6,750!).  Maybe dollar amounts don’t sink in much…but I’ll just say, no one I know can afford that…and I have over 200 myspace friends, so I know a lot of people! Haha.

 Let’s put it this way: For less than 3 months worth of payments that big, you could more than pay for a Ford Focus!

 Here’s the deal.  Why don’t you see Rolls Royce advertisements on t.v. or billboards? Because they don’t advertise themselves to the masses.  They don’t have to.  They make the best quality cars, and the people with the money to pay for them COME to them.  They only advertise to the people who can afford them.  Why do you see billboards for Ford?  They have to advertise, because they’re cheap.  They NEED your attention.  Who are they advertising to?  The people who can afford them.



Let’s try a girlie example… 

The most expensive oldnavy jeans on their website were $34.50.

A pair of prada jeans may run you, oh, around $295.95, maybe more.

 You don’t really see Prada advertised on t.v. very often. Ever?  I realize, you may see a little more exposure of Prada, than you do of Rolls Royce, because you may actually be LOOKING in the fashion magazines that are trying to make you feel like everyone should be able to afford a wardrobe like that.  But you get what I’m saying, right?



The point?  “Only you can advertise you.”  Who are you seeking to advertise to?  You advertise yourself by what you wear, what you say, and what you do.  If you advertise your sexuality, if you advertise filth with your mouth, if you advertise poor judgment and bad character…you are advertising to attract those who are cheap, with low standards, and who will exploit and use you.  If you advertise simple beauty, classy speech, and honorable lifestyle…you advertise that you have worth, and only those who desire quality and purity need apply. 

Are you desperately trying to gain attention from ANYONE, because you feel like you have NO ONE’S attention?  You can know your worth, and you can find satisfaction in the One who is dying to give you all His attention and love.  You can carry yourself in such a way that sets a standard for the type of quality individual you want to have in your life.


What are you advertising about yourself?



 What other thoughts do you have from the Anti-Venom tour?  What did you think about HPV?  Learn anything you didn’t know?  What did God speak to your hearts?  I want to hear it!