The Reflected Life

As in water face reflects face, so a (wo)man’s heart REVEALS the wo(man)…Pr. 27:19

Hello, girls! February 16, 2007

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So, today we start a new, fun opportunity for the girls of Vertical, and their friends who choose to join in.  This is a place for thinking and sharing, reflecting on what it means to be a reflection of Christ, and opening up about our lives.  I hope to update weekly with a new post for your reading pleasure and thoughtful response.  I want to know your heart, your feelings, your thoughts, your questions.  This is not myspace…you can find me there, too.  But this is a place for us to chat and connect.  It may go through a lot of changes to start things off.  But I’ll keep you posted along the way.  Love you, girls.  You’re the reason I’m here!