The Reflected Life

As in water face reflects face, so a (wo)man’s heart REVEALS the wo(man)…Pr. 27:19

About February 16, 2007

Me and my husband!

Reflection means mirror image. At Life Church, we have a ministry to jr. high and high school girls called Reflection, a part of the youth ministry Vertical. Our goal is to reflect the heart of our Creator. We have a ton of fun learning how to do that! Think, talk, share, live, imagine, reflect. That’s what we want to happen here.

We’re changing some things, because we want to start a fresh season, and have an awesome place to build relationships and have fun together.  Starting in June, we’ll be meeting in the Wong’s home in Merriam.  We’re also going to add a second Reflection every month, so our dates are changing…The 2nd Tuesday of the month we’ll be having Bible study and thought provoking discussion (and activities)…and on the 4th Saturday of the month, you can roll out of bed and come join us for a pancake breakfast and a fun time of gabbing and hanging out together!


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