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As in water face reflects face, so a (wo)man’s heart REVEALS the wo(man)…Pr. 27:19

How cool?? June 14, 2007

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Pur La Mode went amazingly well, for a first attempt at something like that!!  If you weren’t there, you missed it for sure.  But who knows…maybe another one will be in the future!!  It was so much fun, and I was so proud of all you girls!  You ALL looked beautiful…including those of you who helped but didn’t strut the runway!

I think the word got around pretty well about not having Reflection last night, in the aftermath of such a hectic week getting ready for the show.  We’ll have a pancake breakfast for all of you not going on the Wonder Tour, Saturday June 23rd.  If you’re coming, we’ll get you directions!

Love you girls!  Let me know if you got pictures of the fashion show!!


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